My Wood + Fiber Necklace Story June 13 2019

Several months ago, I started making necklaces. Yes jewelry! My decision to branch into necklaces was not on purpose. In fact, my necklace making happened by accident while I was experimenting with new materials and tools. 

As many of you know, I teach a monthly creative workshop at several local libraries. Each month, I develop, create and teach a new workshop project. While it's easy to duplicate the latest or hottest craft trend into a project, I prefer to design projects and workshops which are new or have my own original spin on the craft. So I started making macrame necklaces using some thin cotton cording I had purchased for another project. 

The macrame necklaces were different and I knew that they could potentially be a workshop project that people would like. Plus I knew my unique take on the macrame pendant had never been taught before. 

Then, I began experiementing with tassel making and used The Loome tool to perfect my tassels with the goal of teaching a tassel workshop at the libraries. My tassel making became obsessive and I combined a few wood beads which I had in my supply stash to create a few wood + fiber necklace prototypes. 

Well my fiber necklace workshop was a hit and people started asking if they could buy the necklaces I had made. I began making more tassels in new colors and brought the necklaces to several retail shows were they were very well received. 


My first collection of wood + fiber necklaces is now available on my website. Take a look at all the wonderful colors they are available in right here.