New Products - Bauble Box + Mod Flower Box June 23 2015

A short break in the retail show schedule has allowed me to go back to the studio and create. 

I've always been a big fan of boxes - keepsake ones, treasure boxes, and especially those which are unique and unusual. They can be made of wood, ceramic, paper or even stone. I've found that boxes are hidden keepers of so many special things - love notes, jewelry, doodles, and more. So it's not surprising that my latest designs involve boxes. 

The Bauble Box is actually a product that has been redesigned and updated. Today's version uses natural wood beads and a neutral color palette. I really like the organic feel and simplicity of the box.

The Mod Flower Box is a treasure box for jewelry and other sorts of special things. The original design and happy colors appeal to all ages (young girls, tweens, and hipsters too). They would also be perfect holders for a favorite gift card or even cash.  

Do you have a special box? What's it like and why do you think it's neat? Tell us more...