Red Egg & Ginger Celebration February 11 2015 1 Comment

Last weekend, I attended my second cousin Adeline's Red Egg & Ginger celebration. This Chinese tradition is a party typically given by the parents of the baby to celebrate and welcome the new baby to the extended family. The party may be held at the baby's home or more often is given at a Chinese restaurant where all kinds of delicious food is served.

Typically this celebration happens sometime before the baby is 100 days old. Why 100 days old? In ancient times it was customary not to expose the baby (as well as the mother) to the public before this time and the 100 days provided extra assurance that the baby would be in excellent health.  

Every guest receives a red egg - which symbolize good luck, happiness, fertility, and life. And there's red ginger nearby too to represent the roots of the family and the energy of life. During the celebration, it's also a tradition for the family to announce the Chinese name given to the baby in addition to their formal name. Many times it is eldest member of the family (typically a grandfather) who assigns this Chinese name.

During the party, guests take turns holding the baby and taking lots of pictures. I made baby Adeline a pink and personalized Year of the Horse Birth Year Block and gave her a lucky red envelope called a "lei-se" to start building her college education fund. It was so much fun to welcome little Adeline to our extended family and share some of our Chinese traditions in a modern way.