We've Been Nominated! January 08 2015

Yeah! We've been nominated for an Academy of Handmade Award for the best handmade business in the "Plush and Toys" category. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Academy of Handmade, it is an organization comprised of handmade businesses who:

  1. Celebrate and recognize those who are making significant contributions to the handmade economy. 
  2. Strengthen beginning and existing handmade businesses.
  3. Connect the handmade business community through meaningful relationships.

I have found being a part of the Academy invaluable to my business with its community of makers with knowledge from every step of the business journey They provide resources and interactions with other makers that are second to none. Members help one other stay current on trends, practices and what’s happening in the industry; share our experiences of selling at shows and online; and have meaningful social interactions with each other because we all need an outlet!

Know someone who might be interested in learning more about the Academy? Check out their website here.