My Top 3 Shopping Websites for Unique Handmade Jewelry & Gifts November 17 2014

I was asked the other day by a family member to look for a birthday gift. Specifically a necklace. My first inclination was to go visit a local boutique and see their latest styles.  But after doing little more thinking, I realized that although I love going to that local store, I didn't even have time to spend time driving around town going to that boutique.

There are plenty of unique, websites for handmade jewelry and gifts. I can search and shop whenever I am able during my day and or night.  These sites specialize in handmade, have large jewelry selections and styles by local artists/makers throughout the world and do their best to make shopping easy.  They have already curated, special collections and I can just search exactly what I'm looking for. So, here's my current, top 3 websites for unique handmade jewelry and gifts. And suprisingly, Etsy isn't even on the list!