Why I'm Now on Instagram October 10 2014

Yes, it's taken a while, but I'm now on Instagram! 

I've been trying to maintain my select social media platforms for some time.  But a few months ago, I felt that there was no more avoiding it anymore. People have been telling me to get with the program - it seems everyone these days is on Instagram. But the most compelling reason was the fact that I'm a very visual person and my products need to be seen. 

I haven't always taken the best photos with my iPhone. But I think perfection takes time. The quick editing available ( a little cropping, a little sharpening) on the iPhone and with Instagram make it super easy to turn a "good" photo into a "great" photo. 

What will you see from me on Instagram? My intention is to tell the story of what I like and what's inspiring me, places I go, and what I see. Be on the lookout for lots of cool discoveries, delicious food, and locations.  

Interested in following me? I'm at @stacywonghandmade