Featured Stockist - Los Angeles County Store September 15 2014

If you're ever looking for a gift made in LA county, look no further than the Los Angeles County Store. The shop has been only been open a few months, but the buzz around town is that it's the best place for find something unique made by local artists. I would so agree.  MaryAnne Loverme is the store's proprietress and an artist herself. She prides herself in finding and stocking a diverse and eclectic collection of gifts, home goods, jewelry, and accessories. 

The back wall of the store features a 2-dimensional map which highlights the exact location within Los Angeles county where all of the stores' artists are from. I'm number "75" on the map and one of the few artists from the south bay. 

MaryAnne and her staff also organize weekend trunk shows featuring selected artists and their work. These trunk shows provide an opportunity for artists to share their work in a store gallery setting as well as allow artists to directly meet and speak with store customers. 

I will definitely be bringing my out-of-town friends/guests to the LA County Store for a special, souvenir made in the city of Angels.