Yes, Independence Hall is in California July 01 2014

Yes, Independence Hall is in California. Thanks to Walter Knott (of the Knott's Berry Farm family) and his love of American history. In 1966, Mr. Knott built the only replica of Independence Hall to give families the opportunity to visit the hall on the west coast. 

My family and I visited the hall for the first time last week. We didn't even know such an exact replica existed (even down to the 140,000 handmade bricks) until my son's American History teacher suggested a visit. The hall was definitely a step back in history. As we walked around the building and toured its rooms, it was hard to believe that both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were both signed by all of America's founding fathers in this hall in Philadelphia. 

"The authenticity of the replica required a tremendous amount of effort and collaboration with Independence Hall experts in Philadelphia. Sketches, historical records, blueprints, photographs and measurements were used throughout the planning period. The interior paint colors had to be determined by removing numerous coats of paint in the Philadelphia original. Even Knott’s Liberty Bell is an exact copy of the original Liberty Bell in Philadelphia." with the bell crack duplication requiring the work of dry ice and a torch. 

Throughout the year, the hall offers educational presentations and historical reenactments, all free of charge. For more information, please visit the Knott's website.