What are you doing for Valentine's Day? January 28 2016

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? We're getting creative of course and teaching an "Art-Broidery" workshop at Co-Lab Gallery in Los Angeles. 

We created a couple of fun, tongue and cheek words to stay with that Valentine's theme. You'll be able to use these words, (or design your own) learn a few basic embroidery stitches and create your own unique piece of art. Hint, Hint, this would be a great valentine's date idea for your significant other. And this workshop would also be an amazing time as part of a "Girls Date Out"  or day without the guys! 

Co-Lab Gallery is located in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles and serves as a space that features local artists and allows them to both show and sell their work. The gallery also aims to create friendships out of partnerships, serve as an informative and educational resource about art in the modern world, and as a professional network for the artists. 

Besides eating chocolates, let's do something creative and celebrate community for Valentine's Day!