Community Making in the Southbay August 28 2015














Last night, I led a Paper Flower making workshop in Redondo Beach, CA at the pop-up boutique of Open House Modern Beach Design and Ayayay. It was so wonderful seeing all of the creative making happening and sense of community which filled the shop.

I started Community Making Workshops as a way to give back and share with the community. We are often so busy and caught up in our own (and family) lives that we forget that a simple thing as exploring a new craft or learning a skill can foster a cohesiveness and provide an outlet for meaningful connections with the community at large and with other creatives and makers. 

It is my hope that by experiencing a workshop you will walk away with a new appreciation for art, crafting, and creativity. 

If you know of a local business in the southbay/beach cities that might be interested in collaborating with us or hosting a workshop, please send me an email: stacywong34[at]